Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful (and most misunderstood) facets of Internet Marketing today!

If you are not participating in these valuable avenues you are missing out on quite a massive share of the population who are. That’s right — gone are the days of simply searching by search engines. Nowadays, people are searching from within their most cherished social networks for the things that interest them the most.

For example, if I’m on YouTube already, I may search for my desired topic from within YouTube…Same goes for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…or the like! And, if your business is not on that network, you just missed out on that market share. Also, being interconnected helps boost your site’s SERP (page rank) and attracts people who otherwise might not know you exist.

Sites by Sara specializes in helping its clients get on the appropriate social networks and provides consulting for how to effectively navigate those channels.

Let us help LAUNCH YOU into the 21st century with the power of social media!

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