Understanding the Process

Not sure what’s happening with your website? Confused about how this all comes together? Get out of the dark and INTO THE LIGHT!!!

Sites by Sara is a process-oriented & client-centered business. We believe that we are able to best serve our clients by being transparent in our operations. Our designers, developers and marketers are skilled and accomplished professionals, and are hand-picked by Sara according to the project at hand, it’s budget and goals. Thank you for the opportunity to make your online vision a reality.

Here’s our Process soup-to-nuts:


  • Receive request for quote/prospective client inquiry
  • Schedule initial client meeting
  • Provide formal estimate with proposed timeline & benchmarks
  • Acceptance of terms (signing of client contract)
  • Issue invoice
  • Receipt of down-payment (50%)
  • Issue Project Scope document with Client Promised Content requirements


  • Phase I: DESIGN
    Client to review initial design mockups (provide feedback: 2 days)
    Client to review revised mockups (provide feedback: 2 days)
    Client to select final design for development
    Receipt of second payment (30%)
    Client to provide input regarding target audience and keyword selection
    Client approval of keyword placement (map)
    Client to do usability testing of website functionality (provide feedback: 2 days)
    Client to approve of site completion (scope of project completed)

Post Production

  • Pre-Launch
    Training: making website updates, SEO considerations
  • Launch (website goes Live!)
    Receipt of third & final payment (20%)
  • Post-Launch
    Ongoing technical, graphical & tactical support (maintaining a healthy, attractive & interactive/engaging web presence)

Each website and marketing campaign is as unique as the Client itself! If you are looking for a web development company who cares about matching your project with the best suited provider, Sites by Sara can help. All clients meet directly with Sara in order to ensure that your project is handled with care. Call today for your free consultation: 801-414-6285.

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