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Sites by Sara is an SEO Company in Salt Lake City, Utah dedicated to helping individuals and businesses alike ensure optimum visibility to potential customers. To achieve this, we will analyze a wide variety of metrics to make your website as appealing as possible to the search engines your customers use.

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As a SEO Salt Lake City Utah company, we have distinct, expert knowledge on what it takes to provide local SEO as well as features that will help you become more nationally and internationally recognizable. If you’ve recently searched “SEO near me,” Sites By Sara is your solution to local SEO services in Utah. Some key factors that set us apart from other SEO agencies include:

Our team of Google experts is frequently researching current and future SEO industry changes. In this way, we are continually able to deliver up-to-the-minute services and strategies to our clients.

One of the most effective SEO strategies, link building aims to get other websites to link to yours. Our experts employ various off page activities to promote backlink diversity and distribute links efficiently on all pages of your website. This close attention to Google standards is indicative of our dedication to doing SEO right the first time.

Our SEO scientists are experts at brand linking, a key component of increasing potential customer awareness of your brand on the web. As always, our linking adheres to Google’s best practices, ensuring your website remains top-quality.

We work with anchor text variations as per Google’s latest standards to distribute links efficiently on all anchors. We create all the links manually and do not use any tool or automated software to create links.

We use only the best SEO practices: We will not employ keyword stuffing, over-optimize on-page elements, or engage in link spamming (link trading). In addition, we will not duplicate content; instead, we provide fresh, unique, informative content for your website.

As progress towards your SEO goals continues, we will consistently update you with your progress. As a result, you’re never out of the loop and continually able to track your efforts.

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Get your business’s products, services, and brand identity at the fingertips of more of your desired audience – then, experience the increased site traffic, business potential, and boost in sales Salt Lake City SEO customers have enjoyed for years. Contact Sites By Sara today with questions or for insight into your next steps. Alternately, fill out the contact sheet below and a member of our team will reach out soon.

 Eric K. Johnson

Eric K. Johnson

Principal at Utah Family Law, LC

Sara provided web master and SEO campaign management for a website of mine for 5 years. In that time, the website consistently ranked very well for highly competitive keywords (first page in Google), and Sara did it without tricks or shortcuts. It was such a relief to have Sara to help me succeed with a crucial area of my business that I didn’t understand.