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Top 15 Questions We Get Asked by Prospective Clients

Q&A: WordPress Developer Questions and Answers for Agencies

We primarily provide WordPress websites for the majority of our clients. We do provide hosting services. Clients who only need hosting (not including maintenance services) are charged $294/yr. for our Business Class Bundled Hosting, which includes website hosting, annual domain name renewal, an SSL license, and hosting for up to 3 email accounts, 250 MB each; additional email accounts and storage available upon request.

We strongly suggest that our clients enroll in a Maintenance plan so that we can provide far greater protection for their investment–including daily website backups, rollbacks in case anything ever becomes unstable, monthly updates to their website’s WordPress version and all associated plugins, sourcing appropriate replacement plugins if a plugin in use is no longer supported, and more. You can learn more about our WordPress Hosting and Maintenance (WHAM) Plan here

We also have a team of dedicated professionals who can assist you 24/7 if ever you need to submit a support ticket here. https://support.sitesbysara.com/ The WHAM Plan comes in three tiers, based on the complexity of your website; typically clients pay monthly at $75-$125/mo for the bundled solution, or $855-$1425/year for a 5% annual discounted rate.

We do provide extensive SEO services. When we build your website, we will consult with you on the keywords you’d like to rank for; we will then do a comprehensive analysis to see which keywords get the most traffic for your chosen search terms and make recommendations based on our findings. We ensure that every site we launch is search engine friendly and easily indexable by search engines. We make it a point to utilize keywords in page titles, header tags, and so forth. We believe that having a great website is just the beginning–getting that website to rank well for your keywords is an essential component of a successful website.

We offer in-depth ongoing on- and off-site SEO services. Our smallest SEO package starts at 10 Keywords for $850/month. We provide monthly reports to show your website’s progress and improvements month over month. We have very detailed and comprehensive SEO plans.

Sure. Our hourly rate is $150, billed by the quarter. However, WHAM clients get 5 hours of updates for the price of one – and pay just $150/month (12-month minimum). No need to worry about training someone to update your website, you will have the Peace of Mind of a Webmaster for just $1800/year! Hand over the care of your website to our skilled programmers and save yourself the headache of keeping your website fresh and up to date.

Sure. Our hourly rate is $130. However, for our WHAM client *ONLY * we offer unlimited frontend website updates for $130/month. So, if you didn’t want to worry about training someone to make the necessary website updates, you can simply pay $130/mo and our team will take care of 100% of the content updates needed. Note: This is for frontend content – like adding new pages, blogs, videos, PDFs, updating your calendar, etc. It would not cover things like installing new plugins, coding additional functionality, etc.

Yes, we will train you on the website when we put it live. You can record it or invite website editors to learn about how to do this. If you later decide you need help with anything or want to just have us do the updates, we suggest you bundle as many updates together as possible as we do charge by the quarter hour, $150/hr. Payment is due at the time of service. Right now it’s one rate –this may change in the future, but this is our rate presently for all service offerings (custom graphic design, coding, content edits, etc.).

We do it all. Design, development, marketing, security, IT consulting, etc. We do email newsletters, social media, Google Ads, content creation, and custom graphics.  We also handle print graphics for posters, business cards, etc.

Here are a few recent development projects:


Portfolio/branding samples here.

You can definitely change the email address for your contact forms. We would ensure the site has a captcha to limit spam, yes.

Absolutely 100% included! Necessary. No extra cost.

Not additional. We will code it. No limit to the number of website areas, page topics, or sitewide content searches.

We will provide appropriate stock photos as needed. It’s factored into the cost.

Absolutely! Necessary. We will build the site ADA-compliant, and we can install an ADA plugin that allows you to display a widget on your site that has a page reader, can make the font size larger, and other features.

Absolutely! Just tell us what you are trying to achieve with your website, a full listing of the functionality needed, plus the approximate number of pages. If you have websites that you’d like to emulate, in terms of the design aesthetic or the functionality, please share site samples.

The longer you’ve owned the domain, the more authority it will have. If you include keywords, all the better.

Depends on the size of the job. We can take care of most projects within 2-4 weeks time but this is largely dependent on you providing us with all of the details in a timely manner.

If all of the above is satisfactory to you, let’s schedule a free 15-minute zoom consultation here.