Social Media

Social media websites connect more people every day. This allows business owners to reach customers from all over the world.

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Making it Personable

Consumers want to feel like they are ordering from real people. Instagram allows you to be more than just a business page.

Instagram makes it easy to connect to your consumers on a more personable level. You can respond to direct messages and comments with automation. You can launch ads, giveaways, and contests to draw more consumers to your page. You’ll be able to publish both reels and stories, using hashtags to become more discoverable to those who have yet to find your business page.

See Prices

Weekly Social Posts shared to 3 networks $300
2 Posts Per Week shared to 3 networks$585
3 Posts Per Week shared to 4 networks$800
Daily Social Posts shared to 5 networks$1,950
A la carte shared to 3 networks$95

Social Media Ads. Month-to-Month

Social Media Profile Creation$225
Social Ads Setup (first month)$650 (3 Ads Groups)
Social Ads Management (months 2+)$350 (3 Ad Groups)
Additional Ad Sets$200 each

Brand Awareness

When you want your brand to be seen, Instagram is the place to go. Instagram can help launch your business further.

Sites by Sara uses detailed analytics to ensure that you are showing measurable progress towards your content goals. This information allows us to pinpoint areas where we need to focus. We can make small adjustments to ensure your marketing is working at an optimal level.

Reach Further

Facebook continues to be a leader in connectivity. Reach more customers using your social media presence.

Facebook connects millions of people every day. People scroll through it daily and are constantly targeted with products they may like. If you aren’t using Facebook to market your brand, you are missing out on huge possibilities. Through Facebook, you can manage advertisements, build your business page, schedule social posts to draw attention to your brand, analyze your campaign performance, and so much more.

Develop Better Connections

Facebook not only connects people with one another but businesses to prospective consumers. Make more connections with social media.

Shoppers care about where they get their products. Facebook is the perfect platform for showing who you are as a company, as well as your products and services. Facebook makes it easy to reach consumers, providing tools and marketing techniques. Facebook also connects consumers to one another, turning one good review on Facebook into hundreds of new people exploring your page.