Online Reviews and Reputation Management Services (ORM)

Online Reviews and Reputation Management Services Salt Lake City, Utah

Bad reviews hurt in more ways than one. Not only does seeing a negative review sting a little bit, but it can also be incredibly damaging to your company and brand. Customers rely heavily on reviews and ratings when shopping for products and services, and a bad review can severely impact how many people are willing to give your business a try. Luckily, trolls and other negative internet users do not have all the power when it comes to your business. If your reputation has been sullied by a bad review or two, there are steps you can take to rectify the situation.

Respond Professionally

The first thing you can do with a bad review is to respond to it professionally and politely under your business’s profile. This indicates to other potential customers that you do care about your business, and you’ll take steps to make things right if something should go wrong. Many people who see responses to bad reviews understand that in the event that they also have a bad experience, you, as a business owner, will care about it and help them out.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management Services Salt Lake City, Utah
Online Reviews and Reputation Management Services Salt Lake City, Utah

Bury the Review

The burial of a bad review takes a little bit of time and effort, but it’s a great way to neutralize the effects. Promote your rating platforms to your customers and encourage them to leave you a good review. Many people will gladly share their positive experiences if prompted, and many good reviews negate a few bad ones. If future customers see an overwhelming number of good reviews and only a few bad ones, they’ll likely chalk it up to a fluke or a picky customer.

Call Sites By Sara

Whether you are dealing with a poor online reputation, or want to be proactive about a positive online appearance, Sites By Sara can help. At Sites By Sara, we offer reputation management services that can help to salvage your standing. Our process involves several steps that will comprehensively help to improve your online reputation and allow you to continue to see good business flow. Here are a few of our plan options that will help to improve your online reputation:


Popular Plan

For our popular plan, we can implement effective strategies that improve how your website functions. For users of this plan, we offer:

  • An email/text option to gain new reviews
  • A review widget right on your site
  • Social sharing and Twitter monitoring
  • Tailored Survey Questions
  • Conversion Pop-ups
  • SMS text and inbound text requests
  • Monitoring Google My Business and Q&A platforms

In this plan, you are entitled to 3,000 e-mail requests, 300 text message credits, and monitoring of 10 pages within your site. This is great for small or local businesses who would like to move online marketing beyond email and/or small businesses looking for reputation management services.

Popular Plus Plan

This plan offers the same services as our popular plan, but for companies with a higher volume of traffic on their website. If you want to reach out to more clients specifically by text message, this is the plan for you. We offer 4,000 email requests, 600 text credits, and 20-page reviews. We can keep a closer eye on a larger portion of your online presence with this plan, putting us in an ideal spot to mitigate any customer dissatisfaction or complaint.

Personalized Plans

If you have a large number of sites or pages that need monitoring, we can create a plan that’s appropriate for what you’re looking for. We offer standard services for all of our website monitoring plans but can tailor subscriptions based on volume. Reach out for a quote on a personalized plan.

What Our Plans Do

It’s hard to understand what each of the above perks can do for your website if you don’t totally understand them. Below is more information about several key services and how they can benefit your business.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management Services Salt Lake City, Utah

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If you’re struggling to get your online reputation where you want it to be, whether because of a bad review or struggling business, it’s time to call in a professional to help. At Sites By Sara, we are experts in everything from SEO to reputation management and can provide you with effective solutions. There’s no reason to suffer through a bad review or negative reputation alone. Contact us today for our world-class reputation management services.

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