At Sites by Sara, we start each Social Media client by conducting a thorough audience analysis for your business. We use these determinations to create a Social Media Road Map that will maximize your visibility online and put your product or service in front of your target audience in meaningful ways. By offering the community you serve information relevant to their needs and desires, your business gets more exposure and is more easily remembered by people at the time they need the product or service you have to offer.

Not every business needs to be on Pinterest, but if not being on Pinterest is costing you in lost revenue, We are here to remedy that and to make the recommendations you need to succeed with Social Media Marketing.

Social media pages allow you to post relevant content for your target audience at their leisure by showing up on their walls and feeds--which gives your business an opportunity to engage with them in all kinds of creative ways! Sites by Sara has been assisting clients with their Web presence marketing for years, and we are here to help. We are committed to helping your businesses to develop and execute an online marketing campaign that supports your business goals and vision, while providing measurable results.

To ensure that your company is well represented in social media channels applicable to your industry. We will write & schedule your unique posts.


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Web DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Google/Facebook AdsSocial Media ManagementGraphic Design/Logo DesignMobile App Design and Development

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Services Needed

Top-level pages on your website which forms the foundation of your content marketing strategy are called cornerstone content. They are comprehensive, authoritative pages about a certain topic that are widely used by companies for lead generation. These are typically long-form articles that are more like guides than regular blog posts. It explains the key concept of your niche in depth and sparks numerous sub-topics. This article presents the best image of your company online.It’s also a key SEO SLC strategy that’s becoming more and more prevalent as Google is inching closer to preferring real, well-written content.

Do we really need cornerstone content?

Yes! For the same reason, you need cornerstone for your home! It supports rest of your content and in turn it is supported by new related content that is created. Further, it helps to organize site structure which means only good things for your site’s SEO SLC.


Cornerstone content is extremely important for a strong SEO SLC strategy. It brings new traffic to your websites, secures more back links, shows search engines that you are worth featuring at the top of their result page.

Additionally, these types of content improve the authority of your site and help push your audience through the sales funnel

Each piece of cornerstone content has a number of benefits for your website and brand. With this guide, you should be able to identify and create cornerstone content. For more help, you can easily contact us – Sites By Sara.

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