Chrome Is Rolling Out New SSL Security This July

Don’t Be Caught Without Your SSL This July

Have you ever noticed the little green lock in your address bar? It signifies a secure site, encrypted for transactions such as banking, online payments, and more. This July, Google’s browser Chrome will start displaying a warning to web traffic that lands on any non-encrypted pages. This includes blogs, e-commerce sites, informational website, and more. Stay on top of this update for the benefit of your site with SEO Utah services Sites By Sara.

The Dangers of an Unencrypted Site

Surfing an un encrypted site can pose a real threat to your information. Encrypted sites send their data in a way that no one else can read it as it travels through cyberspace. On an unencrypted site, data transfers in plain text format. Anyone who knows how to intercept it can read plain text data. This includes credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and any other personal information. Can you see the danger?

First Comes Chrome

This first batch of warning notifications seems to be rolling out exclusively on Google Chrome. This is a massive problem for HTTP sites, especially considering that Tech Advisor reports Chrome to be the number one browser choice. Chrome may be piloting this feature, but other browsers are sure to follow suit shortly. Security is a key element of internet browsing, and the other browsers won’t want to leave gaping holes in their security. People want security, and the added security that HTTPS brings to a site might just be enough to make them choose your page over another.

Not a Small Notification

Sometimes when Google notifies you on a webpage, you will receive a small pop-up window.  This lets you know that something important is going on with the page, but you are still able to view the content. This new notification is actually an entire page notification that will cause viewers to stop and pause before reaching your content. Extra clicks are never a good thing, and visitors may stop to think about whether they want to take the risk to enter your site.

Boosting Readers’ Trust

This may seem like a huge change, but it actually has been happening for a while now. Google search engines have been giving priority to HTTPS sites since 2015. A good way to boost traffic is by providing your audience with the peace of mind knowing that their personal information is safe. These days, no one can be too careful about where information ends up.

Adding an SSL License

Adding an SSL license to your site is not as painful as it sounds and may improve your rankings in the long run. For $99/year, your site visitors will know that they are safe while browsing. You will get the added benefit of being on Google’s good side, and your visitors will not have a warning message flashed at them before viewing your content. It’s definitely something to consider this July to keep your site running as smoothly as possible. Don’t leave your guests wondering if their information is safe with you or if they should travel elsewhere.

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