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Sites by Sara serves as your one-stop shop for all the web services your company needs! We are the only provider you need to manage your web presence concerns, we can register, renew, and host your domain, build, update, backup, and restore your website, run your SEO and social media campaigns, and much more.

Modern business owners rely on service providers for all types of business-critical operations, and marketing is no exception. Unfortunately, many Salt Lake City area businesses struggle with myriad marketing concerns and may feel compelled to work with multiple service providers to cover all their digital bases. It’s not uncommon for a company to outsource website development to one firm, graphic design to another, and social media marketing to yet another, hoping all these providers will mesh cohesively. This may work, but it ultimately leads to greater expense and a higher potential for confusion and miscommunication between the different providers involved.

Working with a single digital marketing and web design agency like Sites by Sara means all your web presence issues fall to one team. We take the time to get to know you, your team, your business goals, and your vision for your company. Since we will handle your SEO strategy, web design, and digital marketing issues, you never need to worry about communication mix-ups thanks to our streamlined full range of web services.

As your one-stop-web-shop,
We will register your domain & host your website
We will design & update your website
We will optimize your website for search engines (SEO)
We will manage your social media
We will run PPC ad campaigns
We will create custom mobile apps
We also offer maintenance services

Whatever your web presence needs – from website design to total brand optimization – we are here to help!


Full Service Packages

Maximize your web presence with our ongoing monthly services. By selecting packages from multiple service areas, your web presence is sure to deliver the maximum ROI.

For a limited time, we are running an Introductory Rate of 25% off the first 6 months of services. If you select a package from four of the five listed services areas (SEO, Web Updates, Social Media, Blog Writing & Maintenance); regular rates resume for months 7 and beyond. A 12 month service contract is required to qualify for the discount. Give us a call or text us at (385) 355-5351


We offer a variety of Web presence services. Please fill out the form to follow and we will get back to you pronto!

Services Needed:

Web DesignSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Google/Facebook AdsSocial Media ManagementGraphic Design/Logo DesignMobile App Design and Development


Sites By Sara

Sites by Sara is one of the most vibrant digital agencies in Utah who can cater to all aspects of digital marketing and communication that attracts and engages a global audience. The amalgamation of various digital channels like search engines, email, website, and applications, bridges the gap between two terminals of marketing – business and consumers. Yes, we all know this. But do you know your brand reputation can greatly affect your SEO efforts? While brand name is not something that Google factors into the SEO in Utah ranking process. Your online brand does not directly affect your ranking. With that being said, it is still useful to have a consistent online brand. Keep reading to find out why.

Brands have a higher trust factor

Well known brands are more likely to be trusted by consumers. This, in turn, helps to improve site authority. For example, if a search result for your brand shows 20 positive reviews with a 3.5-star average, consumers will find you trustworthy.

Brands generate traffic from multiple sources

As we embrace cross-channel marketing, that is generating traffic from social media, web pages, backlinks and other sources, brand reputation becomes a powerful tool to increase this traffic and establish brand authority.

How can you maintain your online reputation? Here are some strategies you need to inculcate in your SEO planning:


About us page, contact page, media page, and social media page should all act as a magnet to attract new customers. Include your brand keyword, stream positive reviews, and supply full history of your company, milestones achieved and contact information.

Social media portals:

Social media portals remain a great ROI from maintaining your online reputation. A robust social media profile helps your presence rank well and puts forth a great first impression.

Press release distribution:

Engineer press release with your preferred brand keyword to all your media connections, and online press release submission sites. The ultimate goal of your PR campaign should be to create a large inventory of positive newsworthy mentions of your brand.

If you are already struggling with negative reviews giving you bad publicity, let it serve as an eye opener to you. Gain valuable insights from it and tackle them head-on.

Is your SEO in Utah strategy strong enough to maintain your online reputation? Sites by Sara is here to help you.

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