Upcoming SEO Trends in 2019

The fast-paced world of mobile devices is growing rapidly. As that technology changes, SEO morphs to match. Here’s a look at some SEO Utah trends to keep on top of in the upcoming year.

 SEO in Utah 2019

SEO Utah Trends in 2019

Voice Search

Users can now search through hundreds of websites with only a voice command. By 2020, ComScore says 50% of all searches will be voice-activated. Devices like the Amazon Echo with Alexa don’t even require a screen, giving users the ability to search at the drop of a voice command.

A spoken sentence takes less effort than typing. Voice searches often happen in the form of questions, not just single words. Including popular question words in your keywords (e.g. when, how, what, who) can help search engines grab an answer quickly from your site.

Mobile Optimization

The need for speed will become even greater in 2019. Most voice searches happen on mobile devices, so optimizing your site for speed will help to keep it in the top search results. Slower sites will fall to the bottom of the search results. Check your site for mobile optimization to avoid losing your spot in the ranks.

SEO Trends in 2019

Structured Data

Normally, search engines pour through millions of pieces of unstructured data to find the best answer for a search question. More recently, developers simplified this task, adding structured data right into the code. This means a page has an answer to a certain question or a topic embedded right in the code of the site. Search engines can use this data quickly and easily to bring viewers the best results at a rapid speed.

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