It’s Time for a Logo Redesign

It’s Time for a Logo Redesign

Think of the major businesses in your industry—have their brands stayed the same since their companies were founded? The answer across the board is typically a resounding “no.” Maybe their colors have remained consistent, or they still have the same beloved mascot from the ’80s. But as the world changes, brands must adapt to stay relevant to their target markets and compete with other businesses (new and old) in the ever-evolving marketplace. If you feel that your brand has gotten a bit stale, then it’s time for you to refresh your brand identity, and the easiest change that will make the biggest impact maybe your logo. After all, logos are just an image representing your company in the simplest way possible, yet they go everywhere.

The Power of Logos

Logos appear on ads, buildings, business cards, merchandise, and just about anywhere else you can imagine, making them one of the best ways to plant your brand into the minds of your consumer base. Yet, this blessing can also be a curse. Because it is often the first introduction and biggest subconscious impression your audience will get of your business, changing your logo can pose a significant risk. If your logo change is successful, the risk pays off with the reward of increased brand recognition, driving new business and delighting loyal customers at the same time. If you aren’t careful, your new branding and logo design can risk confusing or alienating your current audience and prospective customers alike.

Should You Revamp Your Logo?

There are many considerations when it comes to deciding that it’s time to refresh your brand identity and whether or not that means it’s time for a logo redesign. Is your logo the same as when you began your company, or has it been several years since your last brand refresh? If so, the logo can appear outdated, reducing the probability of younger generations identifying with your brand. A logo redesign can be just the thing you need to freshen up your image, giving customers the impression that you’re evolving with the market and staying up to date with technology and current trends. Is your brand being criticized for using outdated terms or imagery now recognized as offensive? In this case, a redesign is not only encouraged but necessary to reinstill good faith with your audience and the public. Is your target market the same as it was when your logo was first designed? If not, a logo change can be a great way to pivot to match or broaden your consumer base.

The answers to these questions can help you decide whether it’s a good idea to update your logo and how large of a change you should make. Companies being called out for problematic branding should undergo a complete overhaul. Companies looking to refresh their image and appeal to a wider market may benefit from keeping their changes subtle. There are plenty of ways that a logo refresh can go wrong, but one of the biggest ones is when a logo with significant brand recognition is changed completely, putting too much distance between the company and its long-time supporters. When a company has little recognition in the marketplace and several competitors with similar branding, going in a different direction can be a great way to bring yourself further forward in the market. Many businesses redesign their logos to clarify their businesses if their current logo is too ambiguous or misleading.

Tips for Redesigning Your Logo Without Losing Your Brand

  1. Keep It Simple

One way you can set yourself up for success in your rebrand is to keep your new logo as simple as possible. The best logos are those that, without a tagline, can easily convey what your business is about without being too heavy-handed with symbolism or complicated design.

  1. Make It Modern

In the modern age, logos that appear dated can be a huge deterrent to younger generations and tech-savvy prospects of all ages. But they can also send a message to your current customers that you aren’t keeping up with current technology and trends, making them question your commitment to providing the best service possible.

  1. Stay Sincere

While modernizing your logo is important, remember that sincerity goes a long way toward building and maintaining trust with your customers. While trending on Twitter might sound like a good thing, plenty of companies wind up the butt of a joke due to a blunder made in a rebranding process. Whether it appears as if you’re trying too hard to appeal to a specific demographic, or the pivot you made was just a few turns too far away from your original design, losing your company identity in a rebrand can mean losing customers, too.

How to Announce a Rebrand

Remember, a logo revamp is not a full rebrand. If your company is also changing style, colors, domains, and more, make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row before considering any launch announcements. After completing all of the items on your list, you can start answering the question of how you’ll announce your launch. While you can get as creative as you want with your launch strategy, there are three important things every business should do to successfully announce a rebrand to clients.

  1. Rebranding announcement email to customers. Your first step should be to send an email to current customers, informing them of the upcoming changes.
  2. Rebranding announcement on social media. Next, create social posts and ads celebrating your new brand to appeal to new audiences.
  3. Rebranding announcement press release. Finally, a press release is a key to getting the word out there on a wider level through local media networks and publications.

If you’re looking to take your company to the next level through a logo change, full rebrand, social media marketing, or more, Sites By Sara is here to help. Learn more about our full catalog of services and request a quote to get started today!

Sara Lambrinos
Sara Lambrinos
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